Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: How long will it take to get my movies transferred?

A:  1-2 weeks max, sometimes even less, depending on our current workload & the size of your project.

Q: How Do I Get Them Back?

A: Many transfers are still going to DVD, simply because it's the most reliable means of keeping your priceless memories safe.  If you would prefer them to be placed on a thumb drive, please provide one when you drop off your media. Thumb drives are electronics and have the possibility of failing, so make sure to back up your files ASAP.  Give us a call ahead of time & we can try to give you a guesstimate as to how much memory space will be needed for your files. 

The majority of movie files transferred here are in .mpg format and pic files are in .jpg format. 

Q: What if I need more than one copy of a transfer to DVD? Does it need to be transferred again?

A: Absolutely not!  Additional DVD copies of any transfer to DVD are available for only $10 each.  Would you prefer your files backed up on a a thumb drive? We can do that, too. Just bring in a drive when you drop off your project(s).

Q: Do you do prints of scanned/restored images?

A:  Yes, we sure do.  Just bring in your treasured photo & we'll be happy to give you size options.

Q: Can you transfer tapes that have been submerged?

A:  Yes & No.  95% of VHS tapes that have been submerged can still be re-cased, cleaned & transferred.  Other media, like Hi8, Beta or MiniDV are on a case by case basis.  Don't rule them out completely! It's worth the time to at least bring them in & let us take a look at them. More than 14 years since Katrina & we still have families bringing in priceless memories caked in mud.

Q: I have CDs & DVDs filled with info. Can you transfer the files to a thumb drive?

Absolutely! Bring in your discs and a thumb drive & we'll transfer everything over for you.

Q: I live out of the area. Can I mail in my project?

A:  Not a local? Not a problem!

At Memory Lane, we realize your home movies and photos are one of a kind. If you would like to mail in your project(s) please be sure to include your name and phone number. We’ll be sure to call you the minute they arrive....#1 so you know they are safe, #2 so we can discuss your project & hear your vision!

Q: Methods of Payment?

A:  Cash & checks are welcome. Card payments require a 2% fee.

Film Transfer Questions:


Q: What is included in the 8mm/16mm film per foot price?

A:  The $0.19 per foot price includes film cleaning, frame by frame film transfer & minor editing.

Q: Can you help me identify unmarked reels so my project can be organized? What is "Reel ID?"

A:  Included in the cost of a DVD Navigation Menu($15/disc) is "Reel ID." If a reel remains a mystery to you, we will be happy to text or email you with a frame from it so that you can hopefully identify the people, timeframe and/or event.  That info will then help to put your reels in chronological order and will also give us info to name your chapter selections.  ** "Reel ID" is only included on film orders when a DVD navigation menu is requested.**

Q: My box says the reel is only 25 feet:

A:  The box may say 25 feet because originally it was & an inch wide as well.  When the film was shot it had to be flipped over so that the other half of the film could be exposed too.  Then when it was processed, it was split down the middle to form a 50 foot, half inch wide reel of developed film.

Q: Can you add background music to my reel transfer?

A:  Absolutely!  At a rate of $10 per hour, we can add music to your reels, straight from the years they came from!  We'll take you waaaay back!!

Q: Will I get my reels back?

A:  Oh YES!!  You will get your reels back exactly as you handed them to us- only cleaner!  We DO NOT splice small reels together like other places.  You'll get them back just as Mom & Dad left them.

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